AWC by BGWellington

AWS by BGwellington is designed to bring together all Arm Wrestlers across the world and give them open opportunity to compete and showcase their skills through this platform.

As a company who is into fashion, the aim of this project is to promote Arm Wrestlers capability and ideology in sports such as this.

We are also giving out prizes to athletes by way of encouraging sportsmanship.

The competition is open to both male and female across the world.

The maiden edition is for amateur athletes and will only be conducted in Nigeria. Second edition is for professionals who are already winners in their respective countries.

The amateur edition will feature athletes having to gather 20points to qualify for the professional edition and should an athlete decides to opt out at the premise of his/her inability to continue with the competition will also be compensated with anonymous prize but will forfeit his/her benefit of competing in the big stage with stronger athletes at the finals. The winner of the professional edition will win 1000 dollars, 1 year ambassadorial deal and a trip to Kigali for 5days. First runner up wins 500 dollars and a 3 months ambassadorial deal .

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The rules and regulations for arm wrestling are designed to create an even playing field and to prevent broken bones. Below are some of the general arm wrestling regulations:

Participants must be 18years and above to compete

The shoulder of both players must be in a square position before the match starts.
All starts will be a “Ready… Go!” The cadence will vary.
Competitors must start with at least one foot on the ground. After the “go” players may have both feet off the ground.
One’s opposite (non-wrestling) hand must remain on the peg at all times.(If one slips off the peg and quickly regains contact it does not count as a foul in most cases)
If the elbow of the offensive competitor comes off the pad prior to a pin it will not be counted and a foul will be given.
To make a winning pin, a player must take any part of the opponent’s wrist or hand (including fingers) below the plane of a touch pad.
A false start is a warning. Two warnings equals a foul.
Competitors will forfeit the match with a second foul. (Subject to change based on foul limits)
If opponents lose grip with one another, a strap is applied and the match is restarted.
Intentional slip-outs are fouls, which occur when player’s palm completely loses contact with the other player’s palm.
Competitors may not touch their body to their hand at any time.
Shoulders may not cross the center of the table at any time.
Competitors will always conduct themselves in a sportsperson-like manner while at the tournament.